Morgan + Thomas | Wedding | Apple Blossom Plantation | Dimples and Cheeks Photography | Providence Forge, Virginia

Little details:

  • OLD: Pearl Necklace & Earrings NEW: Locket on my Bouquet

BORROWED: Pearl Bracelet BLUE: Garter

  • My necklace and pearl earrings were my GREAT grandmothers, my Me Maw, and were given to me after she passed away by my grandmother.
  • My diamond earrings were my great grandmother’s, Grandma Day, they were diamonds from her wedding ring and were given to me when I turned 21.
  • My pearl bracelet is my something borrowed and it is from my Nammy.
  • My locket has our wedding date engraved on it
  • My Garter has a Sapphire because my Mom was born in September as well as my Nammy and Papa. It is not only my something blue but also a nod to my loved ones.
  • Our wedding date: We chose our wedding date to carry on a family tradition of sorts on my side. My father was born on 3/11, my parents married on 7/7, my grandmother born on 7/11 & my Me Maw born on 11/11. So there are many 7s and 11s in the family and I thought what better way to carry it on then to be married on 11/7!


  1. Dress: David’s Bridal
  2. Veil: Vera Wang, David’s Bridal
  3. Florist: Vogue Flowers
  4. Ceremony Venue: Apple Blossom Plantation
  5. Reception Venue: Apple Blossom Plantation
  6. Wedding Planner: DuPree Mitchell Events
  7. DJ/ Entertainment Services: Anne-Marie Alexander 804-
  8. Videographer: Keith Reagan Film & Video
  9. Cake: Baker’s Kitchen
  10. Catering: Apple Blossom Plantation
  11. Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal
  12. Groomsmen and Groom attire: Men’s Warehouse
  13. Invitations: By Invitation Only
  14. What are your COLORS? Gem & Sunflower yellow
  15. Favors: Favors are can Koozies with “To Have and to Hold and to Keep your drink cold”
  16. Photobooth: Shutterbooth Photo Booth
  17. Honeymoon location: Sandals, Jamaica2016-08-26_00012016-08-26_00022016-08-26_00032016-08-26_00042016-08-26_00052016-08-26_00062016-08-26_00072016-08-26_00082016-08-26_00092016-08-26_00102016-08-26_00112016-08-26_00122016-08-26_00132016-08-26_00142016-08-26_00152016-08-26_00162016-08-26_00292016-08-26_00172016-08-26_00182016-08-26_00192016-08-26_00202016-08-26_00212016-08-26_00222016-08-26_00232016-08-26_00242016-08-26_00252016-08-26_00262016-08-26_00272016-08-26_00282016-08-26_00302016-08-26_00332016-08-26_00312016-08-26_00322016-08-26_00342016-08-26_00352016-08-26_00362016-08-26_00372016-08-26_00382016-08-26_00392016-08-26_00402016-08-26_00412016-08-26_00422016-08-26_00432016-08-26_00442016-08-26_00452016-08-26_00462016-08-26_00472016-08-26_00482016-08-26_00492016-08-26_00502016-08-26_00512016-08-26_00522016-08-26_00532016-08-26_00542016-08-26_00552016-08-26_00562016-08-26_00572016-08-26_00582016-08-26_00592016-08-26_00602016-08-26_00612016-08-26_00622016-08-26_00632016-08-26_00642016-08-26_00652016-08-26_00662016-08-26_00672016-08-26_00682016-08-26_00692016-08-26_00702016-08-26_00712016-08-26_00722016-08-26_00732016-08-26_00742016-08-26_0075



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