Hillary + Kevin| Proposal | Shirley Plantation | Charles City, VA | Dimples and Cheeks Photography

Dimples and Cheeks Photography is a Wedding, Bridal, Engagement, and Boudoir  Photographer located In Virginia. We specialize in making your memories and telling your story through images.

Kevin had contacted me in October about doing a couples shoot for his girlfriend. He wanted to do it someplace that had meaning to them. We booked the session and he also informed me he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Hillary. In February we had the session booked. Kevin at the end of the session proposed to Hillary. Come see their session and how the moment unfolded. Thank you for having me capture this memory. It was amazing.

I would love to capture your memories, too. Please visit our website at www.dimplesandcheeks.com. Thanks for visiting, ya’ll! xoxo Linz


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dimplesandcheeksphotography/

Email: info@dimplesandcheeks.com



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